вторник, 23 сентября 2008 г.

A Prayer for Womanhood

God, give each true good woman

Her own small house to keep,

No heart should ache with longing,

No hurt should go too deep.....

Grant her age-old desire:

A house to love and sweep.

Give her a man beside her,

A kind man, and a true,

And let them work together

And love, a lifetime through,

And let her mother children

As gentle women do.

Give her a shelf for dishes,

And a shining box for bread,

A white cloth for her table,

And a white spread for her bed,

A shaded lamp at nightfall,

And a row of books much read.

God, let her work with laughter,

And let her rest with sleep.

No life can truly offer

A peace more sure and deep....

God, give each true woman

Her own small house to keep

~Grace Noll Crowell~


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Beautiful prayer...

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