понедельник, 23 ноября 2009 г.

My dear friend Olga

It is especial people for us. The bride is the girl from mine craft club. Her name is Olga. She started to visit our club 5 years ago. She was very much atheist. When I started to speak about God and His love, she always to feel discomfort and to look down. 2 years ago I have invited Olga to Christian summer camp. She cried each time when she heard the Gospel and singing. When camp has ended Olga accept the Christ as her Lord and Savior. She quickly to grows in Christ. In a year Olga to get acquainted with Slava, his name in russian is Glory :) He is the leader of the big ministry " Choose a life ". They have got married this autumn! We are very happy! The God has save all Olgas life!

четверг, 19 ноября 2009 г.

It is a small pillow and the rabbit for a bed time. I have made it for my girls that they to not feel lonely when mum close the book and have prayed then to leave their one in a room... I have found this wonderful idea here. If you to have small the girl and the boy, I KNOW they will be happy to have such gift!!!!

четверг, 5 ноября 2009 г.

Pursuing Joy in the Joy of the Beloved

And what is the church's ultimate joy? Is it not to be cleansed and sanctified and then presented as a bride to the sovereign, all-glorious Christ? So Christ sought his own joy, yes-but he sought it in the joy of the church! That is what love is: the pursuit of our own joy in the joy of the beloved.

In Ephesians 5:29-30, Paul pushes the hedonism of Christ even further: "No man ever hates his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, as Christ does the church, because we are members of his body." Why does Christ nourish and cherish the church? Because we are members of his own body, and no man ever hates his own body. In other words, the union between Christ and his bride is so close ("one flesh") that any good done to her is a good done to himself. The blatant assertion of this text is that this fact motivates the Lord to nourish, cherish, sanctify and cleanse his bride.

By some definitions this cannot be love. Love, they say, must be free of self-interest-especially Christ-like love, especially Calvary love. I have never seen such a view of love made to square with this passage of Scripture. Yet what Christ does for his bride, this text plainly calls love. "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church . . ." Why not let the text define love for us, instead of bringing our definition from ethics or philosophy?

According to this text, love is the pursuit of our joy in the holy joy of the beloved. There is no way to exclude self-interest from love, for self-interest is not the same as selfishness. Selfishness seeks its own private happiness at the expense of others. Love seeks its happiness in the happiness of the beloved. It will even suffer and die for the beloved in order that its joy might be full in the life and purity of the beloved.

John Piper Desiring God

воскресенье, 1 ноября 2009 г.

Gift for dear friend!!!

It is a teapot trivet and little bag for tea bags.... With warm wishes!!!!!