вторник, 23 сентября 2008 г.

"I want my daughters to be beautiful, accomplished, and good; to be admired, loved, and respected; to have a happy youth; to be well and wisely married and to lead useful, pleasant lives with as little care and sorrow to try them as God sees fit to send."
~ Mrs. March
Little Women

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Melanie комментирует...

Your daughters are SO adorable!! :-D What a blessing!

Marta комментирует...

Nika your daughters are so beautiful ... you have been blessed by God.

Aisling комментирует...

My first visit to your blog.
Your cross stitches are beautiful.

In December I am travelling to Belarus on a mission trip. Not quite Russia, but almost there huh?

Nanette Merrill комментирует...

Your girls are beautiful.