четверг, 16 октября 2008 г.

New cards!

New cards!

Thank you to all who help our ministry in Russia!

My mamas Birthday!

Birthday! October, 9th there was my birthday and after 4 days October 13 there was a birthday my mum. My mum to learn me different things and she very much to like a gift which I has made with my hands. It is kind tradition from my childhood. Therefore each birthday I to give something that I to make with myself. This holiday I gift her crosstitch - quilt sampler for kitchen. I hope she will love it!

воскресенье, 5 октября 2008 г.


My quilt blanket. Progress and result. I to use old jeans clothes which to collect some years. I am glad that I can use it now. We studyed on club with lady these blocks.

пятница, 3 октября 2008 г.

Cards for friends

Cards for friends

Tonight I did cards for all my friends to send it for them. It was much fun! I write much on English and very to get tired.... I think, that I need to take from a shelf my English language textbooks and to start over again. I know that Russian very difficult to study and it is very similar as Greek (therefore for the Russian student studying Greek very easy!) I to think that English is much easier... But when I to write my letters and cards my opinion varies!!!!.... It is difficult.... For me.... But I to enjoy it because people which I love to speak on this fine English language!

среда, 1 октября 2008 г.

To you!

If you meet me and forget met, you've lost nothing. But if you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him, you've lost everything.

My cross-stitch

It is prayer of Jabiz from Bible.
I to search for it in the Internet and very to pray that God to send me this pattern. And..... One lady to send me it!!!! Thank God!!!!