четверг, 23 июля 2009 г.

Summer camp

foam cross


singing songs

Stained-glass window with cross

Zhenya was Ethiopian from Acts 8:26-39

Boaz and Ruth

Our group

The last week we had children's camp in our church. It was weekly camp for children from Sunday school. Our camps theme was " The nations of the world ". We studied histories from the Bible when God saved people from other nations. We also to have time for prayer for the different nations of the world every day. We to use good book " operation the world " for children. Thanks for my friend Milah, who send me the fabric map of the world. This year we to have very rainy and cold summer and to not have a lot of game on street. But we played at our church building and did much craft things. It was very cheerful time. The God used it to learn us many things through our children. We want that a name of our great God could glorify in all nations!!!! Who knows, may be someone from these children will be missionaries and will give message of the Gospel in other nations!