суббота, 24 января 2009 г.

Prayer needs

My dear craft friends and my sisters!
I to wish to ask you to pray for our family.
During this hard time we to have special needs.
My husband Zhenya lose his job owing to a general crisis in our country. Some months He not has new work.
Please pray for our family that the God to give Zhenya new job and our family to not have the big need.
That the God has filled ours daily needs on His great kindness!
That our hearts always to have the hope and pleasure in our God through this difficult time.
That we to have rest in the Gods sovereignty and to remember, that He do all on His wise plan and for His eternal glory!

четверг, 15 января 2009 г.

I am here!

Hi everyone! I to return. This time was little bit difficult for me. I had operation for mine 2 teeth. It to break and it is necessary to remove. I still to have all big a wound in mine a gum and cannot live and sleep without tablets... But the God in the control! I to not do much new these days. But I need to prepare my years plan for craft club. You know I have 2 group for club: adults and teenagers. Therefore I to require many idea to make it. If you have good idea too, please write to me! With love Nika

среда, 7 января 2009 г.

Happy Christmas again!!!!

Usually in Russia we have Christmas at January, 7th, it is orthodox church tradition. And we are very glad, because usual we to make Christmas for family and friends at December, 25th and to do the big concert for all at January, 7th. Thus we to have 2 Christmas in Russia! We speak that Russia is - the country of miracles!

суббота, 3 января 2009 г.


New start. New year is come and I do new craft projects also . Today I did a baby blanket for missionaries family which live on peninsula Kamchatka. They have their new baby and I wished to make something for them. I hope at Monday I can send it for small Valeriya.

четверг, 1 января 2009 г.


For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another...
1 - John 3:11