понедельник, 11 июля 2011 г.

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!To my dear friend Laurie for my NEW blog!!!! I do not have words to explain how much it is GREAT!!! She made it for me. You can vizit her beautiful blog.

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Unknown комментирует...

Nika, Your blog looks wonderful! How are you doing? When is the baby due? I pray you have an easy delivery and a healthy baby.

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin комментирует...

O, thank you Milah! I expect in September...soooooo far.... But I hope time will fly!

Анонимный комментирует...

It is beautiful!!!

Ulla's Quilt World комментирует...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Thank you for your lovely blog!
I am a quilter and I love visit blogs. I love your country, Я православный.
Have a nice day!