вторник, 26 октября 2010 г.

In Khabarovsk

My dear friends! We are here in Khabarovsk! I can not believe that
we have moved! We are very happy! We like this beautiful city! It is a
big blessing for us to be here! Polina goes in Christian school. She
has much new friends. We even did the Apple party at our place for the
girl of her class and our teacher. I have begun my female ministry.
And as I have the master-class for the woman from different churches.
It is a good opportunity to invite their girlfriends to do something
with their hands and to tell them the Gospel! Life here in Khabarovsk
is very expensive and my husband is compelled to continue his work in
Birobidzhan. From Monday till Thursday he works in Birobidzhan and
comes to us for the days off. It is difficult for me and children, but
we pray that the God has given him a new work here in Khabarovsk.
Please pray for us! Please forgive if I could not make that I promised
to you, but I hope, that I can do all when things to rise on their
place! With all my love Nika

5 комментариев:

Unknown комментирует...

I love the picture, your girls so adorable and getting so big! And what a beautiful building behind you!
I'm glad you are settling in and serving the God in ministry. May God continue to pour out his blessings on you and your family.

Karen комментирует...

I am very happy for you. It is good to hear from you. I pray for a job for your husband so he can be home every night. God bless you as you teach the classes and share the good news about Jesus. God bless your daughters in Christian school.

Anita комментирует...

Your girls are growing up so quickly!
I have some craft supplies to send you - could you please send me your new address?
Praying the the Lord provides a job closer to home for your husband.

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin комментирует...

Thank you my dear friends! It is a church building behind me.

LeAnne комментирует...

Oh my, your girls are growing so big! They (and you) are beautiful! What a beautiful picture and the city looks wonderful too! We are praying for you all!