среда, 12 августа 2009 г.

What's In Your Purse?

Last Saturday I had wonderful a meeting with mine teenagers group. Half from them has left in summer Christian camp, therefore it was very small groups. But we enjoy our time together! The Theme for our meeting was What's In Your Purse? I to take it from a good site which I to use many years for mine women s ministry. We to compare usual things which we to take in our bag about spiritual things in our life.
We had very interesting studying of the Bible, craft time and tea! Good Time! We made a little purse card with a Bible words. May God be blessed!

4 комментария:

LeAnne комментирует...

It is so wonderful to actually see the smiles and faces of the girls!!! What a wonderful little purse--God bless your ministry!

Carin комментирует...

What a great idea. Looks like all had a good time.
be blessed, Carin

momstheword комментирует...

What lovely, sweet faces they all have! That sounds like a very creative idea, something that they can all relate to and it all goes back to Jesus!

Karen комментирует...

Those girls will remember the things you are teaching them about God. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.