понедельник, 16 февраля 2009 г.


Hello friends! I to finish crosstitch sampler for my dear friend. I hope she will love it!!! I like this old country design. It is completely not usual design for Russia and usually Russian to use bright color, but I very much to like to do this natural color!!! And.... I so miss my blog and all of you!!!! Love. Nika

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Milah комментирует...


Your work is beautiful!

ShabbyInTheCity комментирует...

NIka I can't believe what I see!
I have cross-stitched this same sampler when I had my second baby boy! It is hanging on the wall!

I hope your husband has found a job by now?
Hugs to you!

Анонимный комментирует...

It is beautiful and your friend will love it very much. I'm so happy you're able to post to show it.

Exuberant Color комментирует...

The sampler is very pretty. I hope things are going OK for you.

momtofatdogs комментирует...

This is gorgeous!
It's been ages since I have done cross stitch! You did a wonderful job.

Sam i Middle TN

LeAnne комментирует...

Nika, I am so glad you are on your blog again! This is BEAUTIFUL! You do excellent work! Thank you for sharing it with us!