среда, 7 января 2009 г.

Happy Christmas again!!!!

Usually in Russia we have Christmas at January, 7th, it is orthodox church tradition. And we are very glad, because usual we to make Christmas for family and friends at December, 25th and to do the big concert for all at January, 7th. Thus we to have 2 Christmas in Russia! We speak that Russia is - the country of miracles!

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Ginnie комментирует...

Lucky you - 2 Christmas's.
We take down all our Christmas things on the 6th so it is all over now!

Lucy комментирует...

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Taller de patchwork комментирует...

I want two Christmas too because I love to receive many presents. I love Russia and its traditions!!.
Merry Christmas for you Nika and have a nice day for your family.
Thousands kisses for all.
Adelaida (Spain).

purplestamper316 комментирует...

Hi Nika :) Thank you for the beautiful Russian Christmas card and ornament! It was very nice of you to send them to me. I will follow your blog too. God Bless you in the new year! <>< Sue

Beate комментирует...

Merry Christmas! :) I don't think I could handle 2 Christmases! One is enough (and sometimes too much) for me!