вторник, 16 декабря 2008 г.

Christmas gifts

This time before Christmas is a little crazy! I have many projects which needs to be finished. These are gifts for family and friends. These are projects for craft club, to clean my house to bake cookies and many other things. One my project was Christmas Kids Art Smocks for my girls. I finished it yesterday. I to take idea from Dear Kellie thanks for your interesting idea! I not have many experience to make application and it was little bit difficult for me, I not make correctly as I wanted. But I am happy about my result. Have a very happy Christmas days!!!!

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Kellie комментирует...

Well done they look great!

Unknown комментирует...

I think your girls will love them. I love the thread you used around the stars. Great Job!

Ellen комментирует...

Hi Nika, they look awsome! I am sure that your daughters will love them! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs from Ellen from Holland

NINES комментирует...

Hola Nika!!! Lamento no poder escribir en ingles pero soy española .Gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog, he paseado por el tuyo y he visto cosas muy bonitas, Te deseo lo mejor !!! Besos

martameiga комментирует...

Hi Nika!
Thanks for your visit to my blog!! I am surprised that you are visiting from so far :)
I am happy you like my blog but I am just a newbie in this :)
love from spain


Carolina комментирует...

My English is very bad. You work is very beautiful.
Thank you for you visit.


Beate комментирует...

They look very nice. Good job and Merry Christmas to you!

Taller de patchwork комментирует...

Merry Chrismas Nika for you and yur family.

ShabbyInTheCity комментирует...

That is a great idea for a child's gift! Love those Nika. Tell me about the building in your banner? I love the blue roof of lights!