среда, 1 октября 2008 г.

My cross-stitch

It is prayer of Jabiz from Bible.
I to search for it in the Internet and very to pray that God to send me this pattern. And..... One lady to send me it!!!! Thank God!!!!

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Unknown комментирует...

I'm so happy for you! You do beautiful work!

That is a sweet picture of you and your daughter.

Wendy комментирует...

Dear Nika,
I am so glad to meet you. I am so excited to meet someone who quilts from Russia. Your blog is beautiful and I love how you help other women too. I am so impressed with your work. My name is Wendy. Your English is great! You can get to know me and my family and my quilting at
Love in Christ,

ShabbyInTheCity комментирует...

Nika! Hello! It is Phyllis from emailing :) You and your daughter are very prettty!
That quilted piece in your blog banner is sooooo wonderful!
I will try to quickly get some surprises in the mail to you :) I think your ministry is very special and blessed by God.