пятница, 29 августа 2008 г.

My family

Hi everyone! My blog is begining! My name is Nika! We are from Russia. My husband and I to work with students. We are missionary to the Far East Russia. We live in city Birobidzhan, it is the Jewish region in Russia. A lot of Jews live here. They have synagogues and to celebrate religious holidays. But many of them do not know the Christ. We have 2 daughters. Polina is 8 years and Liliya is 2 years. We organize many clubs to construct attitudes friendship and to speak them about the Christ. I have ladys club, we to do hand made cards, scrapbook, quilt and crosstitch. It is good opportunity to testify about our God and His love! Sorry my English.

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Unknown комментирует...

Welcome to the blogging community! I will announce your blog to my quilting friends.
You have a lovely family. I will keep you and your husbands ministry in my prayers. Thank you for writing me, I think we will become good friends.

~Bren~ комментирует...

I came over from Milah's Back Porch! Your English is WONDERFUL!! What a beautiful family you have. Welcome!!!

Needle, Thimble and Thread комментирует...


Well done on your first post! Your children are absolutely adorable.

I'll mention to my blogging friends around the world where they can find you.

Hope you will post again soon!


Marilyn Robertson комментирует...

Hello! I too came from Milah's Back Portch! Please don't worry about your English as it is fine! I look forward to see what you and your ladies group create!

Анонимный комментирует...

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Анонимный комментирует...

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